Public Service Ecosal Galati

Prublic Service Ecosal Galati is specialized in street sanitation services. The Serivice was founded in 2008 through the reoraginzation of the former firm SC Ecosal Prest S.A. .

The Public Service Ecosal Galati developed a leader policy in the sanitation services, beeing one of the top firms which guarantee cleanliness.

The title of leader which was attributed to the Public Service Ecosal Galati imply years of experience in the domain of sanitation services on the Galati County's market, quality serices and many more capabilities which this company developed sistematicly.

Public Serivice Ecosal was always preoccupied to improve his activities participating at numerous conferences about waste management, such as:

  • - US Trade and Developement agency;
  • - NATO Conference – Dangerous waste;
  • - Programul de acțiune locală pentru protecția mediului parteneri cu APM și EPTISA;
  • - REC – Seminar instruire “Contribuții la implementarea directivei UE în bazinele hidrografice Prut și Siret;